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Machynlleth Town Scheme Partnership

The Machynlleth Town Scheme Partnership has been operating since 2004. The scheme was set up by Powys County Council through funding available from the Powys Built Heritage Fund and is co funded by Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments . The purpose of the scheme is to conserve and enhance the special character and quality of the historic town centre by offering grant assistance towards the repair of historic fabric and restoration of authentic details and materials.

What works are eligible?

This is a conservation scheme, which seeks to promote the appropriate and timely repair of buildings or structures of architectural of historic importance.

Eligible works include:

  • Structural repairs, especially to timber frames.
  • Repairs to the structure and fabric on a comprehensive scale e.g. re-roofing, chimney repairs, re-rendering, cast iron rainwater goods, re-pointing.
  • Reinstatement of architectural heritage details, particularly shop fronts, where based on clearly surviving details/fragments or convincing documentary evidence.
  • Replacement of inappropriate elements of the fabric e.g. upvc doors and windows, roofing materials, rainwater goods.

Repairs will be expected to achieve a high standard and proposals should take account of the following guidelines:

  • The repairs should not damage the character of the building or structure, alter the features that give it its architectural or historic importance, or unnecessarily destroy historic fabric.
  • Intervention should be kept to the minimum required to conserve the building or structure.
  • Proposals should be based on a thorough understanding of the historical development of the building or structure. This could be achieved through archaeological and architectural investigation, recording and interpretation, as well as by assessing the importance of the building in the wider historic context.
  • Proposals should be based on a thorough understanding of the condition of the building, the materials used and the causes and processes of decay.   
  • High quality materials and traditional techniques should be used. Where replacement is necessary, this should normally be on a like-for-like basis. Modern materials and techniques will only be acceptable in exceptional circumstances where their use can be fully justified. The installation of uPVC windows and rainwater goods, for example, is not eligible for grant. 
  • The replacement of lost architectural elements will only be grant aided if sufficient evidence exists for accurate reinstatement and no loss of historic fabric occurs. 
  • Responsibility for routine maintenance rests with the owner or tenant and such work would not qualify for grant assistance.

If the works are extensive it is advisable to employ a suitably qualified Conservation Architect / agent. These fees may be eligible.

Works that are not eligible are:

  • Extensions or demolition, including the removal of original features.
  • Redecoration other than when associated with more extensive work, such as re-rendering.
  • Internal work other than where necessary to secure the structural stability of the building.
  • Work in modern materials and designs, such as upvc and doubled glazed windows.
  • Work not of historically correct detail.
  • Work commenced or completed before an offer of grant has been made and accepted.

What level of grant is available?

The level of grant award will vary according to the type of work that is to be  undertaken, but typically grants will be awarded up to 70% of the total cost of eligible works.  This is an extremely attractive grant rate and has been set high deliberately to reflect the importance of Machynlleth's unique and important built heritage.

No limits have been set for maximum or minimum levels of grant, but given the scheme's limited budget, the Council may have to prioritise grant applications according to each project's conservation merits.

Who may apply?

A building owner or tenant (with a long lease) of any building or structure within the designated boundaries (Please refer to the map below).

Tenants will be required to supply at application stage a copy of the owner’s written permission to carry out the work.

Where grants have been awarded from other funding bodies, dual funding of the same work will not normally be acceptable. 

Machynlleth Town Scheme Partnership 2011-2012
The scheme has two designated boundaries that are outlined in red.

How to make a grant application

Applicants & Agents should initially contact Debra Lewis on 01938 551301 to discuss proposals and to possibly arrange a visit to the property.

Machynlleth Town Scheme Partnership Application Form & Notes

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