Powys Built Heritage
Powys Built Heritage

Principles of Building Repair & Restoration

General Principles

All work must respect the character and integrity of the building or structure and the area within which it is situated. Restoration should be comprehensive in scope, using appropriate techniques or methods of construction and high quality traditional materials, normally on a like-for-like basis.

The primary goal is to conserve and restore without damaging the historical, architectural, character or archaeological significance of the building. Work should be carried out using traditional methods and materials appropriate to the building, its condition and character. Due to the value that is placed on retaining historic fabric, it is felt that a number of minor repairs on an historic sliding sash window, for example, will often be more appropriate than its complete replacement. This ‘conservative’ approach rather than replacement is preferred, unless the item is beyond repair. Substitute or non-traditional materials may not be suitable for the future of the building.

Further Information

More details can also be obtained from the guidance leaflet 'Repair of Historic Buildings' as produced by the Built Heritage Team.

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Case Study ...

Aden Chambers, South Crescent

Aden Chambers after restoration
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