Powys Built Heritage
Powys Built Heritage

What is THI?

The THI was a building improvement grant scheme. Its main objective was to increase awareness of the qualities of the built heritage in Llandrindod Wells town centre and to contribute to the economic regeneration and sustainable development of the town as well as restoring and maintaining architectural and historic character of the buildings. Its purpose was to ensure high quality repair, re-instatement and new work, by encouraging grant applications, to improve the image and character of the architecture and reinforce its local distinctiveness.

 Grants were offered towards:

  • Building restoration
  • Re-instatement of architectural details
  • Bringing vacant floor space back into use
  • Promoting sensitive design in a gap site
  • Professional fees relating to eligible works

The aims of Llandrindod’s THI

  • Reinforce the local identity and distinctiveness of the historic heart of Llandrindod Wells
  • Help to achieve the long term economic sustainability of the town centre
  • Increasing the awareness of the local property owners and residents to the heritage qualities of the town centre
  • Ensuring high quality of repair, reinstatement and new work in order to improve the image and character of the area and to reinforce its local distinctiveness
  • To preserve, restore and enhance the historical, architectural and cultural heritage of the town
  • Encourage investment in under-used and neglected historic buildings


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Properties eligible for grant assistance had to be situated within the designated THI area as depicted on map A. In addition they needed to be of architectural or historic interest.

Applicants had to be either the freeholder of the property or persons holding a lease with 5 years or more remaining on the date of application.

The THI is very much a conservation grant scheme with emphasis placed on conservation principles, traditional methods and materials appropriate to the building where possible.

Grant rates

Building restoration:

Properties in need of structural restoration or improvement to such elements as roof, ridges, chimneys and flashings: rainwater goods, doors and windows; repointing or rerendering of walls etc, received grants of up to 70%. This grant did not cover routine maintenance, redecoration or internal works alone.


Re-instatement of heritage details:

Properties that have lost architectural features including traditional casement and sash windows, front doors, chimney pots and stacks and mouldings were eligible for either a 75% or 90% grant to re-instate them.


* Please note: Llandrindod THI has ceased operating and therefore these grants are no longer available.

Who was involved in the THI?

The THI was set up with funding from PCC, Heritage Lottery Fund, Cadw, and the former WDA, with support from non-funding partners including the Llandrindod Wells Spa Town Trust Action Team & Town Council. By the third year of the initiative it became apparent that the demand for grants was outstripping the available budget so additional injection of funds was received from the European Union – Objective 2 and the Welsh Assembly Government - Environmental Improvement grant programme.



For further information and details on the THI please contact:

Isobel Davies
Planning Services
The Gwalia
Ithon Road
Llandrindod Wells

Tel: 01597 827288

E-Mail: isobel.davies@powys.gov.uk

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The Chamelee before and after restoration
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