Powys Built Heritage
Powys Built Heritage


The THI has successfully combined social, commercial & heritage elements. Working with other stakeholders the THI has assisted in finding viable solutions to the problem of under-used and derelict historic buildings and to enhancing the town centre’s historic street scene. The THI has to date supported 37 individual building projects, bringing about the re-use of 7 empty properties, providing 35 new residential units and the creation of 9 new commercial units.

The transformation of the street frontages has provided a catalyst for inward investment, with private businesses now investing in their own premises without recourse to grant aid.

Without the THI there would not have been sufficient public subsidy to instill the level of confidence in property owners to invest substantially in the repair of the historic built fabric in order to make a real difference.

The THI initiated the development of a regeneration strategy for Llandrindod from which other projects have/are being developed and from which the Llandrindod Wells Regeneration & Implementation Board has been established to co-ordinate local regeneration and to encourage increased local community participation in local decision making, the design of projects & their positive impact. The THI was also being run concurrently with other regeneration initiatives such as the Powys Group Repair schemes (Housing Renewal).

High Street on the edge of the town centre was identified as a target area within the THI designated area.

This historic street which had once been the thriving commercial centre of Llandrindod before Middleton Street took on that role, still maintained much of its character & its architectural detail, however much of this had in more recent years become a little ‘down at heel’. A total of 9 properties on High Street have been renovated as a result of the THI. Although not funded as part of the THI, Public Realm works have taken place on High street, helping to restore this historic area of the town injecting confidence back into the area.

Case Study ...

The Chamelee, Temple Street

The Chamelee before and after restoration
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