Powys Built Heritage
Powys Built Heritage

Melrose, High Street

Melrose before and after restoration

Situated on High Street, the THI’s target area, this property has seen repairs to the chimney, replacement of rainwaters goods to cast iron, repairs to all windows including the dormers, cleaning of lower brickwork and lime washing & re-decoration.


Photographic evidence showed that the ground floor frontage of this property had been altered a number of times over the years. Initially the frontage had housed a bay window before being modified to accommodate a shop front which itself had been altered and adapted a number of times.  Although the existing shop front was itself a feature of interest, due to the condition of this structure and the fact that the property was no longer in commercial use but in residential use once again, the decision was made to re-instate the bay window as was evident in early photographic evidence of this property.

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Archive images are courtesy of the Radnorshire Museum and Mr Pete Jenkins

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Grantley before and after restoration
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