Powys Built Heritage
Powys Built Heritage

Warwick House, High Street

Warwick House before and after restoration

This terraced property on High Street retains many of it original details including an original shop front with its curved glazing. The grant works included, re-roofing; the renovation and redecoration of all windows including the shop front and dormer windows and the replacement of a modern shop door. This property had been in more recent years repointed using cement mortar, this was removed and replaced with lime mortar to match the original mortar colour helping the property to blend in with the rest of the terrace. Old photos of the building indicated that the property originally had iron railings above the shop front, as part of the grant works this feature was re-instated. Although the original shop blind box remained in situ the blind was no longer operational but has successfully been restored and is now in full working order.

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Archive images are courtesy of the Radnorshire Museum and Mr Pete Jenkins

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